About Us



ML and CHEN, P.C. specializes in all types of criminal defense and civil litigation, labor disputes, immigration, contracts/deal negotiations, corporate law, trademark registration and opposition, and alternative dispute resolution, and more. Our broad spectrum of expertise and expansive knowledge enables us to assist clients in achieving their legal goals to the fullest extent, regardless of whether the client wants to develop a plan to pass on and protect their legacy and wealth, fighting a legal battle in state or federal court, working towards legitimate immigrant status, or safeguarding their intellectual property rights.

ML and CHEN, P.C. disciplines itself to grant special, personal attention to each client’s legal requests. In addition to upholding this principle, we have forged close relationships with the broader communities we serve. Those close relations have helped us become a well-known and trusted entity within said communities.

ML and CHEN, P.C. thrives on serving the diverse population of New York City. Accordingly, our attorneys and support staff are fluent in multiple languages. This linguistic advantage enables us to explain abstract legal concepts in the vernacular of our clients. In this way, we are qualified to help different ethnic groups, some of which do not speak a word of English.

ML and CHEN, P.C. has seen fast, healthy and exponential growth since its inception. With its wide range of service areas, personalized attention to clients’ legal needs, linguistic capabilities, and reputed motto, ML and CHEN is looking forward to and embracing an even further flourishing future.


Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do - Potter Stewart.

ML and CHEN, P.C.’s professionals and staff believe ethics and righteousness form the foundation of our justice system. At ML and CHEN, P.C., our professionals and staff hold high standards of ethics, and commit ourselves in carrying out our duties in accordance with applicable rules of ethics and canons of conduct. Our professionals and staff constantly strive for clients’ best interests within the confines of legal boundaries, while conforming to certain rules, statutes, and precedent cases.

What sets us apart is the fact that we also commit ourselves to develop our law firm into a firm of righteousness. This may potentially lead to situations involving conflicts between legitimacy and righteousness, the latter of which requires our personal judgment. In spite of this, ML and CHEN, P.C. sticks firmly to its motto “Law Of Righteousness Defined.”

The defining force of Law Of Righteousness Defined, in ML and CHEN, P.C.’s belief, is driven by court judges, government authorities, lawyers, and ultimately, the Almighty. We exert the greatest efforts in each client's legal endeavors, striving to embody our motto as a law firm that truly defines the law of righteousness with every case, court appearance, and settlement.