When Chinese Criminal Defense Lawyers Become the Criminals


This Article tries to find some practical resolutions for the problematic situation of Chinese defense lawyers. Part I introduces how Chinese laws and regulations provide legal protection for criminal defendants and their defense lawyers, and compares Chinese laws with well-established international standards. Part II focuses on examples of the problems and difficulties faced by Chinese lawyers in their defense work. Part III specifically discusses criminal charges that lawyers face in their practice. Part IV argues that the long-awaited new Chinese Lawyers Law cannot solve all of the problems or wipe away all obstacles they face. Rather, solving those problems requires an integrated and comprehensive approach that combines legislation, improved practice, and the society's efforts at large.

Recommended Citation

Yanfei Ran, When Chinese Criminal Defense Lawyers Become the Criminals, 32 Fordham Int'lL.J. 988 (2008).
Available at: http://ir.lawnet.fordham.edu/ilj/vol32/iss3/6