DocuBank® is a company headquartered in Pennsylvania. This company keeps health care documents (see Health Care Powers of Attorneys and Living Wills on the previous page) on file for people who want to have those documents available at a moment’s notice. Here is how it works.
Assume you are our client and we have registered your health care documents with DocuBank®. Also assume that you are visiting a relative in a distant city — Tampa, Florida for example — and you have a severe health-care problem and cannot make your health care decisions yourself (e.g., you are unconscious, in a coma, or otherwise incompetent). DocuBank® will provide you with an emergency card that reveals your name and an emergency contact’s name and phone number. The card has a toll-free number that doctors, hospitals and health-care providers can call to obtain your health-care documents.
Once the number is dialed, your health care documents will be faxed to the caller within a very short time — 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, worldwide. DocuBank® also faxes the names and phone numbers of your loved ones and physician so they can be reached quickly in an emergency.
Many of our clients find that the almost-instant availability of their documents, via DocuBank®, brings a lot of peace-of-mind and they don’t leave home without their DocuBank® emergency card.
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*** DocuBank® is a company — independent of  ML and Chen, P.C. — and the law firm is not responsible in any way for the performance or non-performance of duties promised by DocuBank®.